​​How Plumbing Is Done!

All Necessary Plumbing for Commercial and Industrial projects

  • Complete Water Service Systems
  • HRC works with both potable (drinking) and non-potable water.
  • New construction and retrofits, with a specialty in grocery store remodels.
  • Broken Pipes: Repair or replace broken water mains and sewer lines
  • High-Rise Specialists: HRC is experienced in the diagnosis and repair of problems with pumping and plumbing systems in multi-storied, city buildings.
  • Backflow Devices: Install, and repair backflow devices to keep water flowing in the right direction to prevent water contamination.
  • Suds Relief: Prevents suds backup on lower floors of high-rises.
  • Gas Piping: Design, repair and install natural gas systems. Our designer works with your architect and contractor.​
  • Booster Pumps: Repair, replace, and maintain booster pumps to assure good water pressure for upper-level floors in high-rise buildings.
  • Pressure-Reducing Valves: Install, repair, and replace pressure-reducing valves, which are used to regulate water pressure in water lines and booster pumps. Too much pressure can damage pipes.​
  • ADA Bathroom Retrofit: HRC can bring your bathroom up to American Disability Act standards

Commercial & Industrial


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